Artificial Grass: Some Significant Information on Its Maintenance
Features of the K9 Turf Zeolite Infill
The K9 Turf is a one of a kind artificial grass. When you install the K9 Turf in your yard, you are going to experience unparalleled benefits. Its special 4-phase system keeps it incredibly clean, hygienic, and fresh all year round. You will get to view a smooth green lawn regardless of what season or weather it is.
The K9 Turf is unique because of its rock and grano base, urethane backing, infill material, and enzyme cleaner. The crushed rock and grano is applied at the very bottom. It is then followed up by the 4 layers of the urethane backing. Two layers are of the dense gauge, one layer is of 5-pick, and one of the urethane backing. This is more effective as compared to the traditional perforated backings; having a drainage capacity up to 400 per cent. Finally, the turf is enriched with infill material and enzyme cleaner. These support the entire system of the turf by keeping the bacteria, toxins, and odour out.
In this particular post, we will discuss the features and benefits of the infill material used in the K9 Turf. It is known as the Zeolite Infill.
Removal of Odour
The Zeolite Infill is designed to keep the odours away. As the rock and grano foundation and the urethane backing work together to keep the organic waste, liquids, and other debris drained away, the infill material fights lingering smells. This way the turf remains fresh at all times.
Cooling of the Turf
The infill works to keep the synthetic fibres of the turf in a cool state. So even if the weather is warm, you will enjoy taking a walk or sitting in your lawn enjoying a cup of tea. You can also let your dogs without worry of them becoming overheated.
Natural Material
The infill is a safe product to be added to the turf because it is made of 100 per cent natural substances. It is organic and free of lead. This is why it is not harmful to humans, animals, and the environment.
Convenience and Ease of Use
With a regular lawn, you have to do a lot of effort to keep it clean and free of odour. The Zeolite Infill is much easier to use in comparison. It can effectively get absorbed into the turf; having a rate of 80 per cent absorption. Upon installation, the experts will add the infill material but you can buy it separately as well. Over the years of use, you can keep adding the infill to ensure the turf remain clean, cool, and odourless.